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MellowMatic is the future of building management, integrating every aspect of your building and organizational operations into one dynamic, intelligent system. Designed for modern businesses that demand efficiency and security, MellowMaticc is not just a tool—it’s the central nervous system of your organization.

Flexible, Open-end and Pay
as you go

A cutting-edge smart building platform that operates on an IP-based system. This platform provides the building owner and tenants with the flexibility to manage sensors, devices, and operational workflows both within the building and across the entire organization’s IT operations. By utilizing Mellowmatic, a new category of intelligent corporations can emerge that leverage smart buildings and consequently, transform into digital workplaces.


Smart Access Control

The system offers a range of identity verification options, such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, RFID cards, and QR codes. Additionally, it has the capability to manage different areas of a building through a single platform, and can generate usage data reports in multiple formats. Moreover, the system can be customized to perform specific tasks, such as facilitating registration for building access and providing complimentary WiFi codes.

Parking Management

Mellowmatic parking management technology has various applications, including access control, payment processing, and enforcement. The system can automatically open and close parking lot gates for authorized vehicles, link a vehicle’s license plate to a payment account for automatic billing when the vehicle exits the lot, and monitor unauthorized vehicles or parking violations like overstaying time limits or parking in restricted areas.

Organization Resource Management

Organization Resource Management module enables the scheduling, assignment, and reservation of all enterprise resources. Mellowmatic includes specific models for Meeting Room Management using the Mellowmatic Meeting Panel, Corporate Vehicle Management, and Equipment resource sharing.


Mellowmatic digital signage is a system that uses digital displays to deliver information and messages to building occupants. One of the key features of this system is the ability to schedule events via a calendar and use media feeds to display content that has been prepared in advance.


Mellowmatic meeting room panel is a powerful tool for managing meeting rooms in busy buildings, improving productivity and ensuring that users have a seamless and hassle-free experience when reserving and using these spaces.


The Mellowmatic Visitor Management System, when used in tandem with a building’s access control system, can effectively limit unauthorized access by tracking the entry and exit of individuals who interact with employees or conduct business on the premises. The Visitor Management System provides various accessible methods for managing visitors, including QR code entry, RFID card reading, and NFC phone.


Building Automation

Introducing our cutting-edge Smart Building Solution, revolutionizing the way you experience and manage your space. Unlock the full potential of your building with our innovative technology, designed to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and comfort.

Smart office

Welcome to our Smart Office Solution, where productivity and innovation converge. Experience the future of work with seamless automation, connectivity, and personalized experiences. Step into a world of limitless possibilities.

AUXO farm automation

Welcome to the future of farming with our Smart Farm Solution. Unlock the full potential of your agricultural operations with advanced automation, real-time monitoring, and data-driven insights. Let’s grow smarter together with MellowMatic x AUXO platform.


Whether you are a designer, builder, or project owner, Mellowmatic can assist you in designing your own solution.

You can begin by utilizing only the modules that you require initially and gradually expand as your other requirements become more apparent. Mellowmatic is adaptable to any project, including real estate, healthcare facilities, or educational facilities.

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